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The Cloquet Cover To Cover Book Club, my first wonderful gathering





Wayzata, a terrific group

November 16, 2011Book Club ~ Wayzata





Minneapolis, with Gretchen Kresl Hassler and friends

Wayata Book Club ~ April 26







Wayzata, another great group



Suggested Book Club Discussion Questions for Delicate Armor

1) Discuss some of the differences between growing up in the 1950s versus the present.

2) Elements of the natural world play important roles in this novel. Which ones stand out for you and how do they help to define the characters of Will and Callie, their attitudes and lifestyles?

3) How would you describe Callie’s personality? William’s? Emily’s? Others?

4) Do you identify personally with any of these characters? Which one(s)? How?

5) What are some of the sensory details that stand out for you? Smells, sounds, visual, touch, taste. Any notions of a sixth sense?

6) Identify historical, political, and community references which help to anchor this story in time.

7) What is Callie’s quest? Will’s? What do they want? Do they succeed in getting it? What do they want to happen? Does it?

8)How does each character change at the end? What has Callie learned? Emily changes in a subtle way. Can you identify her defining moment? Are there any characters who do not change?

9) What happens to Will and Ray prior to the end of the novel? What do you suppose it means to each one?

10) How does the mature Callie pass along the Lindstrom legacy?

Another suggestion: Listen online to O Mio Babbino Caro, a lovely aria from Puccini’s opera, Gianni Schicchi. That piece, along with other period music, figures into Szarke’s novels.

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