Delicate Armor

Heron Bay Publishing — *2014 Jeanette Fair Book Award for Adult Literature by a Minnesota woman author    *Finalist, Midwest Book Awards

“I finished Delicate Armor today. Loved it…Cal reminds me of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird…Will reminds me of Atticus and his true-to-self and honest way of living…beautiful descriptions, clear metaphors, tight dialogue…I was pulled into the times of the 1950s, as well as Amer’s story. It was a book I hated to set down and now am sad it is over.” ~Jodi Anderson, Literacy Coördinator, Greeley/Evans Public Schools, Greeley, Colorado

Synopsis: Set in the Upper Midwest, 1952-1991, Delicate Armor is the formation story of Callie Lindstrom, a feisty girl who shares a special bond with her father.

Having lost an infant son, Will Lindstrom places his energy in young Callie, teaching her his love for the outdoors. Accepted into the world of men within her family and witness to their dreams, struggles, and sense of humor, Cal learns to navigate waves of conflict and loss while realizing her own place in the web of life.

This family saga is about the tenacity of the human spirit, the natural world, and our narrator’s emerging consciousness as she passes from cheeky tomboy to self-possessed woman. Delicate Armor is Callie’s tribute to the land and to her microcosm of men.

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“There is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Petit Bâteau

“The last bit of sun catches the tops of ripply waves. Our anchor line is taut, keeping us where we started, where we want to be. Leaning back against my cushiony life jacket, knees bent, feet on the gunwale, I look up at the cottage…picturing Gram in her turquoise-and-white checked apron over a house dress, calling us in to supper with her shrill, ‘Yoo-hoo, everybody! The fish are ready! Come and eat!’ ”      ~ Delicate Armor

*Awarded the Jeanette Fair Memorial Award, Tau State, sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma, an international, national, and state organization.

*Awarded finalist for the Midwest Book Awards in Historical and YA fiction. Feedback from judges:

“The quality of writing is excellent and the story is wonderful…the author clearly knows her craft. This book is hard to put down…all the characters are well drawn out…Y A [young adults] will enjoy this novel, as will adults, male and female. This is a very well written novel with delightful characters—especially Callie—and a tightly woven plot that keeps the reader’s interest throughout. I read this book to the end, and I am glad I did.”

“I love these characters!! They are all so intensely themselves—they are like characters distilled to perfection—round, full, enormous in how they fill the story. And masterful dialogue! Wow—it’s very impressive…Thank you for an enjoyable read!”


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