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  • My new 4th novel Stone Wall and Other StoriesNewman Springs Publishing, is available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Apple iBooks Store.
  • The book is also available from me, the author, and signed. You may send me a check for $17.95/book and I will mail it to you for free. You may order more than one if you wish.
  • My phone # 952-472-5434.
  • My address: Connie Claire Szarke, 1956 Shorewood Lane, Mound, MN 55364
  • My trilogy novels are also available from me and signed: Delicate Armor, A Stone for Amer, and Lady in the Moon. You may look up the prices down below, send a check, and I’ll ship them to you for free.

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Click on the Endorsements page to read a generous review about my 2019 “Elements of Fiction” presentation given to The National League of American Pen Women, Minnesota Branch. This presentation is also available for various organizations and groups.

www.youTube.com for author video interview, done at Pequot Lakes, summer of 2017, by videographer Mercile Martinsen of Brainerd, MN. Type in “Connie Claire Szarke,” and click.

Click on Connie Szarke’s Audio Interview to hear about her Callie Lindstrom trilogy, topped off by Lady in the Moon, recorded July 5, 2016, KFAI WriteOn!Radio, 90.3 FM, Minneapolis, MN. And visit the other pages on this site—

Click on Author interview: KFAI WriteOn!Radio Interview: A Stone for Amer, 2015

Literary/Historical Fiction: For personalized, signed copies, email your requests to: connieclaire@gmail.com

THE AWARD WINNING TRILOGY: Enjoyed by men, women, young adults, and youth

$16.00.                        $15.00                          $16.00

“Of all the writers I know, few possess more discipline and commitment to the craft than Connie Szarke…apparent in all of her writing but especially so in her delicately drawn characters…” —Stephen Wilbers, author, columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and writing instructor

About Delicate Armor: “Huckleberry, Scout…Szarke’s Callie is one of these, a sun-browned, scratched-up, feisty and fearless girl, and it’s a rare pleasure to experience the world through her alert and inquisitive eyes. The reader will find the sensory detail that brims from these pages an ongoing delight.” —Joe Paddock, poet, oral historian

About A Stone for Amer: “A fascinating drama of the Midwestern ethos, A Stone for Amer is a very welcome prequel/sequel to Szarke’s Midwest Book Award finalist, Delicate Armor…” —Dave Wood, of the National Book Critics Circle, former book editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“…Loved itbeautiful descriptions, clear metaphors, tight dialogue…” Jodi Anderson, Literary Cöordinator, Greeley/Evans Public School, Colorado

About Lady in the Moon: Lady in the Moon was awesome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.” —Linda Moehnke, reader

“Having read all three of your books (trilogy), the most recent being Lady in the Moon, I wish to thank you for the prodigious amount of creative thought you put into this book of short stories, all tied together in a long reflective car trip of Callie with her father, Will. Callie’s journey in life crossed the paths of…people from all walks of life…they forced me, the reader, to think about my own stories of people whose paths crossed mine or mine, theirs…thank you for your labors of love within this book. My whole life I always thought of “Man in the Moon” but you continue to help me on my journey to ‘see’ “Woman in the Moon” as co-equal with man.” — Don Draayer, former Supertintendent, Minnetonka School District

“…Szarke’s Callie Lindstrom expresses remarkable empathy and insight in telling the stories of troubled others…beautifully detailed, soulful work…” —Joe Paddock

Trilogy and I~

Pelicans on Lake Maria, SW MN





Delicate Armor, A Stone for Amer, Lady in the Moon, A Novel in Stories

For ordering, mail your check to my address: Connie Claire Szarke, 1956 Shorewood Lane, Mound, MN 55364 or email me: connieclaire@gmail.com

I also do presentations entitled “Elements of Fiction” and play piano (classical and popular music) for various organizations.






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